Our passion is to discover musicians that have the drive, commitment and talent to turn their dreams into earning royalties!
All rates include an engineer.
We are flexible on our rates, especially for longer bookings.



$55 Per Hour  (Music 101 Pkg.)

 $45 Per Hour (Development Pkg.)

$35 Per Hour (CD Single Pkg.)

At EFFIN Records, we use industry standard equipment to bring out the best in your vocals and instruments while offering an enriching and creative environment for producing your next number one hit.


$30 per song (RTM*)

$50 per hour, per pkg

Effin records engineers are skilled in the practice of taking AUDIO (typically musical content) that has been previously mixed in either the ANALOG or DIGITAL format, mono, stereo, or multichannel formats, preparing it for use in distribution, whether by physical media such as a CD, vinyl record, or on our store, iTunes, Spotify and other streaming audio platforms.


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$35 per hour

Mixing is combining multiple channels and multiple sources in the process of creating dynamic and panoramic enhancements to create what the artists imagines there musical vision to be. We use advanced digital effects such as reverb, echo, and our one and only

Venue VR/AR.tm and Interadynamic Sterio.


 Getting Started (Music 101 Pkg.) 

Intermediate artist (Development Pkg.)

You Got it! We Gonna make it REAL (CD Single Pkg.)

The Full Meal Deal Signed to EFFIN Records for a ONE YEAR Development Deal(Album Pkg)

Effin Records offers multiple packages for all different types of artists so we can custom tailor to your needs. E-mail effinrecords@gmail.com for more info.


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